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Private Lessons


In home
$50/h for current SDAS students (Monday to Friday)

$65/h for non SDAS students (Monday to Friday)
Fees apply to homes within (St. Catharines, Thorold, Welland, Niagara Falls, NOTL, Pelham, Fonthill, Weinfleet)

**Additional travel costs apply to
*West/North of Jordan Ontario and  Fort Erie/Ridgeway

At the school (930 Airport Road)
$45/h (Monday to Friday)

At my home *when possible – Welland 

Weekend Flat Rate Rate  $85/h

Packages Available Upon Request

Privates are offered by Sit Down and Stay Trainers.  Privates can be held at the training facility or in  home depending on the training needed. Privates can be useful for any type of behavioural issue or extra training in obedience or sports.

There are no quick fixes in behaviour modification, especially if you are dealing with fear, anxiety, or aggression. If your dog has had this problem for weeks, months, or years, it can take time,  if you need this problem gone instantly, we don’t have answers for you.
If you understand that you’re going to have to put a lot of effort in, and that change takes time, but you need expertise and knowledge to help you learn how to accomplish this correctly, then please contact us.  With your effort and our knowledge we will have success!

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