Come, learn, bond and enjoy!


When is my puppy ready to join classes?
After you dogs final shots are completed you are welcome to join Novice class.  To get the most out of it it’s best to wait until they are between 4 and 5 months.  You can start prior to that to be sure your dog gets used to the classroom environment and having other dogs around but you will likely need to repeat Novice again when the dog is mature enough to take it all in.  There are many benefits to repeating a course.  It’s always up to you as the handler to make the final choices.

When are the next sessions starting?
Here is our  upcoming schedule.
New classes are added regularly

Can I bring my family members as well?
YES!  Please do!  It’s best if you have all hands on deck at home to really help with training. It’s a full team job so everyone should be on board.
If you are bringing children be sure they are aware that they are not allowed to touch another dog without asking, and they must be quiet like in school so everyone can listen.

When can I do agility?
Agility can begin for your dog after you have completed all levels of obedience. Novice, Intermediate, and Advance.  This is for safety reasons.  All dogs in Agility must be off leash while class is going on so your dog must be mentally mature enough to stay with you while other dogs are running and jumping around them.

How do I sign up?
Here is our online registration

How long is each session?
Sessions can range but for the most part most programs are 8 weeks

Is my dog too old?
The myth about teaching and old dogs new tricks, is just that, it’s a myth.
Training is a way to spend time with your pet, good quality time that they crave.  It’s not about your “score” or your certificates, you get out of it what you want. Any age is welcome and encouraged, there’s so much more to being there then just your dog following your commands.