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Adopted from Niagara Dog Rescue?

Anyone who chose to adopt through Niagara Dog Rescue will receive 15% off any of the following.

  1.  Novice Obedience Classes. If registered within 30 days of having the dog in your home.
  2. Intermediate Obedience if taken immediately after the Novice Course.
  3. Pre Agility class if take immediately after the Novice Course with SDAS
    **this is specific to needs of dog, not available for all dogs
  4. 15% off  in home privates within Niagara Region.  Other cities can be discussed and are available at a discounted rate but may include a travel fee.

For those that are from out of town.  30 Minute phone consults to go over some basics are available at $15 each.
Formal training isn’t possible over a phone but often new adopters have questions and we are happy to help ease peoples minds. This is available within 60 days of adoption.
Payments for phone consults made by etransfer to

View our upcoming Schedule   which includes prices.

Register for Classes

Don’t wait until to register!

Dog’s don’t fully decompress until about 2-4 weeks so you only need to be registered for the discount, the class does not need to have begun.