Come, learn, bond and enjoy!


About the Students

Sit Down and Stay Dog Training’s success would not be possible without the students. Some of the students have been with us for many, many years. All of them are great dog owners, who love teaching their dog new things. The people that come to classes are so friendly and supportive of one another, whether you have done training for years or it’s your first class. Our students make each other feel so welcome and help each other out. We are so lucky to have a great group of people and dogs in our classes.

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I’ve been working with and training dogs for the last 17 years and absolutely love it. I have always loved animals ever since I was a child but my passion was always for dogs. I have studied both the “All Positive” and “Leash and Collar” methods of training. I’ve incorporated both into my own unique teaching style. I allow the owner/handler decided on what method they prefer to use with their dog and direct them on which method works best for their dog. I believe not every dog is the same and has the same issues therefore every dog should be trained differently. I pride myself on having fun, resourceful classes with an open and friendly atmosphere. My goal is for people to have a great relationship with their dog and continue to learn and have fun. The most rewarding comment I hear from my students “The class was so much fun and it’s nice to see a Demo Dog so happy to work with its owner”. Rica (my dog) is proof that dog training is fun and shows it every time she demonstrates a lesson.

Tracy will be overseeing Sit Down and Stay but only teaching high level trial work and agility classes.


About her Dog



Rica Cao De Agua is a loveable Portuguese Water Dog (Porti) with tons of energy. Whether we are doing obedience or sports she loves to it all as long as she with my husband (Andrew)and I. Rica is very sociable and loves every dog she meets and wants to play all the time. For being a “water dog”, she didn’t love the water initially and surprisingly it took some time but now she is staying to true to her name. However, she did love Agility, Obedience, Tracking and Flyball right from the start. Rica and I attend trials not for the ribbons (ribbons are nice though) but to spend one on one time together. We have received titles in Rally Obedience and we are continuing to work on titles in all other sports with our trial buddies.

Rica Cao De Agua RA, CRAMCL, CGN



Candice – Trainer
I’m literally surrounded by dogs in my daily life, and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve been learning from Tracy for about 10 years when my dog Kuna came into my life and everything changed. She was quite a handful in her younger years and I reached out for some help. I have since rescued another dog and worked with him to rehabilitate him and make him into the citizen I knew he could be. I enjoy working with all dogs but especially with the ones that some may consider damaged goods.  I volunteer quite a bit of my time with Niagara Dog Rescue and work closely with adopters in helping bring new furry friends into their new life’s and stay there forever.  I’m also a foster mom which has shown me more than I ever could have imagined the importance of treating every dog as an individual, which is why I’m so happy to be working with Tracy and her style of training.

About her Dogs
kunaandsiloKuna – Kuna is a super human lover. She tends to have no interest in other dogs and just wants to work with her person especially when they have something for her. She is a CGN certified dog that loves to make the old folks smile in homes.
She has recently become  blind but that has not stopped her from learning new things!

Silo – Silo will be my Demo dog for most classes. He’s come a long way since he was rescued 7 years ago for the NFHS. He enjoys all classes and loves to work with me. He is also CGN certified has received titles in Scent Detection (his favorite) and Rally Obedience.   He is walking proof that rescue dogs can have just as much success in training and sport classes as any other dog.
Silo – CGN  RN  SDS

And recently added to our family is Sail. She’s a rescue from Georgia USA. She’s a loving upbeat but particularly lazy girl who will be demoing some small lessons as she becomes more seasoned as a demo dog you will see more of her. For now we are enjoying the puppy things!

About Our Facility

Our facility is located conveniently right off the QEW Glendale Exit.
It’s a large open space 2400 square feet. Along with a5000sq foot outdoor agility ring for the summer months.
We offer indoor and outdoor agility along with many other dog sports and of course always on going obedience training.